Chamberlain University: Useful Information and Admission


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Chamberlain University

Chamberlain University : Useful Information and Admission

Chamberlain University, a for-profit institution specializing in healthcare and nursing education, spans the United States with additional online offerings. Delivering a spectrum of degrees, from bachelor’s to doctoral programs in nursing, including a master’s in public health, it caters to diverse educational needs. A proud subsidiary of Adtalem Global Education, formerly DeVry Education Group, Chamberlain holds regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, ensuring a quality academic experience for students nationwide.


Chamberlain University traces its roots back to the Deaconess School of Nursing, founded in 1943, inheriting a legacy rooted in 19th-century Europe’s Deaconess tradition of devoted service. The Deaconess Central Hospital, established in 1889, evolved through various locations and transitions. Acquired by DeVry, later Adtalem Global Education, in 2005, it transformed into the Chamberlain College of Nursing, subsequently adopting the name Chamberlain University. Headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois, the institution witnessed student protests in Texas in 2017, highlighting challenges related to comprehensive testing and the Texas Board of Nursing’s interventions.

Chamberlain University Address, Website, Phone Number

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Chamberlain University comprises the College of Nursing and the College of Health Professions, both holding accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. The institution offers diverse degree programs, including the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Public Health, Master of Social Work, and Doctor of Nursing Practice. Some programs hold additional accreditation from specific accrediting bodies, emphasizing the university’s commitment to academic excellence and a broad spectrum of healthcare education.

Chamberlain University Acceptance Rate

Chamberlain University – North Brunswick, situated in North Brunswick Township, New Jersey, boasts an acceptance rate of 91%. As a for-profit institution in the New York City Area, it provides education to a modest enrollment of 543 undergraduate students. The university offers a diverse and dynamic learning environment with programs tailored to meet the needs of aspiring healthcare professionals. With a commitment to academic excellence, Chamberlain University – North Brunswick continues to play a vital role in shaping the future of healthcare education, attracting students seeking quality education in a supportive community.

Student Portal

Chamberlain student portal serves as a centralized hub for students. Offering easy access to academic resources, course materials, and communication tools, the portal enhances the overall learning experience for students, fostering a sense of community.


Chamberlain University presents attractive tuition savings options for eligible candidates, offering a 20% reduction (up to $5,310) or a 30% reduction (up to $7,965) for those participating in the Healthcare Education Partnership. Initial eligibility requires acceptance into specific online degree completion options and excludes certain states. Continuous eligibility stipulates not sitting out more than six consecutive sessions. Students must reapply if this limit is exceeded. Moreover, ongoing eligibility is subject to the university’s standard tuition rate. Grant application requirements include completion of the Healthcare/Education Partnership Eligibility form and adherence to specific terms and conditions.


The Chamberlain alumni network is a testament to the institution’s impact on shaping successful healthcare professionals. Graduates of Chamberlain University contribute significantly to the healthcare industry, reflecting the institution’s emphasis on producing competent and compassionate professionals.


Chamberlain University, a vital member of Adtalem Global Education Inc. (NYSE: ATGE), aligns with the organization’s overarching mission of empowering students to achieve success and contribute meaningfully to the global community. Operating under the umbrella of Adtalem, Chamberlain University focuses on educating and empowering diverse healthcare professionals. With its College of Nursing and College of Health Professions, Chamberlain offers comprehensive programs, including Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing, and various health-related degrees. Adtalem Global Education is a prominent force in healthcare education, overseeing institutions such as American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine and Walden University. Visit for more details.


In conclusion, Chamberlain University emerges as a pivotal institution in healthcare education. Its rich history, commitment to academic excellence, and dedication to student success position it as a leading choice for those aspiring to make a difference in healthcare. Chamberlain’s inclusive admissions, student-centric approach, and affiliation with Adtalem Global Education solidify its standing as a nurturing ground for tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.

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