Post University : Ranking, Admission And Useful Information


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Post University

Post University : Ranking, Admission And Useful Information

Explore Post University academic landscape with details on rankings, admission, and key information. Uncover a world of educational opportunities, dedicated faculty, and the building blocks for your successful academic journey. Start your path to excellence at Post University today. Established in 1890 as Post College, Post University is a private for-profit institution located in Waterbury, Connecticut. During the period from 1990 to 2004, it held an affiliation with Teikyo University in Tokyo, Japan, leading to its name Teikyo Post University.

The university provides a diverse range of over 25 undergraduate and graduate programs, accommodating students through day, evening, and online courses, with a significant number exclusively engaging in online learning. Beyond its main campus, Post University extends its reach through satellite centers situated in Meriden, Danbury, and Wallingford, offering accessible education to a broad student base.


Founded in 1890 as Matoon Shorthand School, Post University has undergone several transformations over the years. Harry C. Post, who acquired the school in 1897, renamed it Waterbury Business College. In 1931, it became Post College until 1990. The institution expanded its campus and programs, moving to its current location in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1965. Achieving four-year status in 1976, it catered to Vietnam veterans with accelerated degree programs. Affiliating with Teikyo University in the 1990s, it became Teikyo Post University. Rebranded as Post University in 2004, it continued growth, offering online programs and, in 2012, renaming its business school after Malcolm Baldrige, Jr. In 2021, it announced plans to acquire American Sentinel University.


800 Country Club Rd, Waterbury, CT 06708, United States

Post University Phone number : +1 800-660-6615


Post University ranking has secured a noteworthy position in various rankings, showcasing its commitment to academic excellence and student experience. Positioned at #151-167 in Regional Universities North, the institution’s Psychology Programs are recognized at #147 for their quality. Moreover, Post University excels in fostering social mobility, earning the impressive #147 spot in Top Performers on Social Mobility. Beyond academics, the university stands out for its exceptional offerings, ranking 24th for Best College Food in America out of 1,361 institutions. Additionally, it holds the 33rd spot among the Most Liberal Colleges in America and is praised for its campus, securing the 205th position for Best College Campuses in America out of 1,387.

Acceptance Rate

Post University Acceptance rate -100%

Tuition and Fees

Post University provides a valuable and affordable education, supported by Financial Aid Advisors who assist students in devising effective plans to achieve their educational goals. Tuition charges may vary by program, and comprehensive details can be found on the dedicated pages for Online Tuition & Fees and On-Campus Tuition & Fees. Students can also explore information on tuition refunds, including Online Student Refunds, Campus Student Refunds, Room Deposits, and the Return of Title IV Funds – Federal Aid. The university offers convenient options for viewing and paying bills, including details on the Monthly Payment Plan, payment methods, and policies for late payments or failure to pay.

The projected costs of attendance for an academic year serve as a guide, considering factors like housing preference, enrollment status, and academic progress. Undergraduate tuition is based on full-time enrollment or 24 credits, while graduate tuition is based on full-time enrollment or 12 credits. The estimated 2022-23 Cost of Attendance Budget provides a comprehensive overview of a student’s educational expenses for one academic year.


Post University is committed to making education accessible and affordable, offering a range of scholarships, grants, and tuition reductions. Merit-based scholarships are available, renewable based on Satisfactory Academic Progress. The university provides On-Campus Merit Scholarships, Other On-Campus Scholarships, On-Campus Returning Student Scholarships, and Online Scholarships. External opportunities include various scholarships from private organizations, covering factors like grades, heritage, and religious affiliation. Federal grants, such as Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG), are accessible through FAFSA submissions.  Various reduction programs, partnerships, and other options contribute to creating an affordable education.

Post University Football

In a significant move, Post University shifted its Sprint Football team to the NCAA Division II level starting Fall 2021. This transition marks a crucial moment for the university and its athletic program, aiming to enhance visibility and elevate competitiveness. Post University, previously a member of the Collegiate Sprint Football League (CSFL) since 2010, bids farewell to the league. With Adam Schultz leading as head coach, the Eagles anticipate building new relationships and rivalries in Division II, emphasizing the growth of both the university and its high-caliber student-athletes. Post University now sponsors 22 Division II sports, reinforcing its commitment to athletic excellence.


Post University stands out as a premier online education provider, with a history dating back to its traditional New England campus roots in 1996. Recognized by U.S. News & World Report for excellence in online graduate business programs, Post University offers online bachelor’s, associate, and master’s programs to cater to diverse educational needs. The university provides flexible options, including Evening and Weekend programs, blending online and on-campus learning for a unique hybrid experience. With a commitment to personalized support, industry-expert faculty, and interactive courses,  University ensures a tailored and engaging educational journey for students, from admissions to graduation.

Notable Alumni

  • Notable alumni
  • Anthony Megale
  • Mercedes Martinez
  • Mario Abdo Benítez
  • Rachel D’Avino


Post University stands at the forefront of online education, tracing its origins to a traditional campus in 1996. Renowned for top-tier online graduate business programs, it offers flexible bachelor’s, associate, and master’s programs, including hybrid options. With personalized support and expert faculty,University delivers a dynamic and engaging educational experience.

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