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University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix Useful Information & Admission

The University of Phoenix, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, stands as a private for-profit institution that commenced its educational journey in 1976. Offering a spectrum of certificates and degrees, including certificate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, the university maintains institutional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. Notably, it follows an open enrollment policy for many undergraduate programs. Presently owned by Apollo Global Management and Vistria Group, UoPX is undergoing an acquisition process by Four Three Education, a non-profit organization affiliated with the University of Idaho, signifying a potential shift in its ownership structure.


Established in 1976, the University of Phoenix, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, has been conferring certificates and degrees at all levels. The Higher Learning Commission accredits the institution. Currently owned by and Vistria Group, it undergoes acquisition by Four Three Education, a non-profit linked to the University of Idaho. With an open enrollment policy for various undergraduate programs, the university ensures accessibility to a diverse student body. Its rich history and commitment to academic inclusivity position the University of Phoenix as a dynamic institution adapting to evolving educational landscapes.


In the 2023 University of phoenix ranking, the University of Phoenix secured its position at 678 according to the U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities. Times Higher Education World University Rankings for the same year placed it at 1921. In the National Universities category by US News & World Report, the university holds the range of #331-440. These rankings reflect the institution’s standing on a global scale and its contribution to higher education, showcasing the University of Phoenix’s diverse and recognized academic offerings.

University of Phoenix Notable Alumni List

  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Mary E. Peters
  • Howard Schmidt
  • Kirkland H. Donald
  • Paul Goldschmidt
  • Lisa Leslie
  • Dan Huberty
  • Gervin Miyamoto
  • Larry Fitzgerald Jr.
  • Lil Wayne
  • Aaron Osmond
  • Chuck McIlhinney
  • Celina Caesar-Chavannes
  • Brad Dee
  • Lisa Franchetti
  • Brian Sicknick
  • Peter Sperling
  • Don Bacon
  • Melissa Melendez
  • Kaleth O. Wright
  • Hala Ayala
  • Mike Gipson
  • Daniel W. Dwyer
  • Guy Gentile
  • J. D. Mesnard
  • Isadore Hall III
  • Shawn M. Galloway
  • Hazelle P. Rogers
  • Lucy Surhyel Newman
  • Jude Hofschneider
  • Heri Martínez de Dios
  • Kirk Adams
  • Rob Cabitto
  • Evelyn Vázquez
  • Brian Ward
  • Steven Holcomb
  • Migdalia Padilla
  • Peter J Van Helden
  • Yesenia Then
  • Glenn Medeiros
  • Trina Braxton
  • Mauricio Vila Dosal
  • James Craig
  • Sandis Ozoliņš
  • Victoria Steele
  • Steven McLaughlin
  • Randy Livingston
  • Kevin Lincoln
  • Ben Lomu
  • Micheal Spurlock
  • Angela V. McKnight

University of Phoenix Address

4035 S Riverpoint Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85040, United States

Phone number –      +1 844-937-8679

Website –

University of Phoenix online Acceptance Rate

The University of Phoenix Acceptance rate in Arizona has a 100% acceptance rate, admitting all of its 66,901 undergraduate students. This large institution offers diverse educational opportunities.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

When considering pursuing a master’s degree, the cost of study is a significant factor. Fortunately, numerous options exist to assist students in funding their master’s programs. Obtain the Scholarship Guide to explore potential scholarships worldwide, learn where to find opportunities, discover how to apply, and access a comprehensive list of available scholarships. The guide provides valuable insights into the application process, making it easier for you to identify and apply for scholarships relevant to your academic pursuits. Ensure you take advantage of these opportunities to ease the financial burden of your master’s education.


-, with open admissions, grants access to undergraduate programs for those with a high school diploma or equivalent. Historically criticized for high-pressure recruiting tactics, the university facilitates financial aid and offers various programs. Students engage in instructor-led courses, collaborating on learning projects for 20-24 hours per course. Online resources, including an electronic library, support their studies. Despite critics citing concerns about academic rigor, UoPX is regionally accredited by the HLC since 1978. Accreditation extends to specific programs, such as business, healthcare, nursing, counseling, and education, meeting standards set by recognized accrediting agencies.


Apollo Global Management and Vistria Group own UoPX, with Chris Lynne serving as the president and John Woods as the chief academic officer. Lynne, with a background at Arthur Andersen, Education Management Corporation, Northcentral University, and HotChalk, brings extensive experience to his role. Meanwhile, Woods holds a Ph.D. in higher education administration from Bowling Green State University. In their leadership roles, Lynne and Woods contribute to the strategic direction and academic oversight of the university, ensuring it meets its objectives as a subsidiary of Apollo Global Management and Vistria Group.


In the 2020–21 academic year, the University of Phoenix’s average cost after financial aid was $13,365, comprising grants and scholarships from the institution, state, and federal government. Before aid, the average cost was $19,662, with tuition at $10,110 and additional costs, including books and off-campus room & board, totaling $9,552. The cost varies based on household income, with those earning less than $30,000 having an average cost after aid of $12,592, while households with incomes over $110,001 had a cost of $17,500. These figures, sourced from the US Dept. of Education (IPEDS), reflect the university’s commitment to making education financially accessible across different income brackets.


In conclusion, the University of Phoenix stands as a for-profit institution with a diverse range of programs, offering accessible education through an open admissions policy. Notable for its broad online presence, the university caters to a wide student demographic. While some critics cite concerns about academic rigor, the institution remains regionally accredited and provides various accreditation for specific programs. Its ownership by Apollo Global Management and Vistria Group underscores its corporate affiliation. With a commitment to financial accessibility, the university’s cost structure, including tuition and aid options, reflects its dedication to making education attainable across different income levels.



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